PTM Glasgow has been supplying and maintaining Digitax and Viking taxi meters in Glasgow and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

If you require a new meter, a meter repair or a tariff change then don't hesitate to contact us.

F1 Plus Taximeter

Electronic taximeter, printer capable,

64 independent tariffs by time date distance fare amount
self-powered clock/calendar,
45 counters for driver's and owner's accountancy,
MID 2004/22/EC Directive
Fare counter: 6 Digits Red high brightness Leds

Viking 5 Mirror Meter

Printer capable Electronic taximeter,

Up to 50 tariffs, with up to 5 up/down lifts per tariff
Clock calender control. (with semi-auto & 7 seater options)
3 set of driver accounts, with a Pin number for each driver.
Auto shutdown to save power.

Can display the distance & duration during a fare
Printer & Data outputs

Driver Accessories

Coin Dispensers (Lettercraft and 3 colours of Cashpack)
Roof sign plug complete with wire
Roof sign magnet covers
LED Strips